Sunday 24 May 2009

A Good Days Work

The team set to clearing the site of the old station building, the bulk of the undergrowth having been scraped away by the JCB previously. Very quickly the footings to the walls "appeared" and the footprint of the old building was revealed in all its glory. Several of its features appeared including the Station Masters Office with its own fireplace and private loo and of course the Gents urinals mentioned previously!

It seem that the availability of the footings creates a great opportunity to construct a replica building on the existing foundations, which I am sure is do-able, using latest building technologies to satisfy planning regulations. It would probably be very cost effective too! (Just one layman's opinion though!)

Other work completed included the construction of a style to reach the electricity supply box (picture to follow) and the start of the construction of a new wooden fence to replace the the rotten one removed from the old fence line (pictures to follow). Concerns were expressed about how stark and building site-ish the plot looks at the moment. This will improve as new fences appear and rubble removed.

Finally, a few "thank yous" . Firstly to John Stretton, who I commandeered to take some photos for me, and second to the "The Old Station House" for supply of hot water for the vital cup of tea

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